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Nueveochenta Aerial Dance

Nueveochenta Aerial Dance is an Aerial Dance Company based on Madrid. Founded in 2017 by the initiative of its artistic director, Juan Leiba, with the aim to investigate and create its own language between contemporary dance and aerial dance. Is the resident company at “Espacio que vuela”, its center of study and creation located at the center of Madrid.


Distinguished at:

  • Festival Veranos de la Villa 2020 / Centro Cultural Conde Duque – Madrid.
  • Las Navidades del Price 2018 / Teatro Circo Price – Madrid.
  • Festival La Muralla en Danza 2018 / Baluarte De Guadalupe – Pamplona.


Also presentations at:

  • Teatro Paco Rabal 2018 al 2020 / Beta Pública y UMD – Madrid.
  • BAaD 2019 / Glasgow – Escocia.
  • MadCool Festival 2019 / Madrid.
  • > Got Talent 2018 / TeleCinco – Madrid.


Besides working in TV commercials for brands as: Movistar, Schweppes, Disney Channel and a participation in the video clip of La Casa Azul (Nadie pudo volar).


Let us tell you a secret.

The name  “Nueveochenta” was inspired in the cipher 9,822, which is the acceleration of a body under the influence of the gravitational force. Nobody on the planet Earth is exempt of this force.  

We are mass under gravitational acceleration.

We are contemporary dance in the air.

We are Nueveochenta.

Who are we

Juan Leiba

Artistic Director-founder of Nueveochenta Aerial Dance Company and choreographer with a broad international experience.  Has worked for The Place – Londres, Baryshnikov Art

Center – New York, Nederlands Dans Theater, Teatro Real – Madrid, among others.

Interpreter in 25 productions, is the choreographer of 7 of them. Formed in Contemporary Dance with great teachers in his country of origin, Argentina.  His training in aerial dance with harness started in “Aérea”, the first school at world level, directed by the choreographer Brenda Angiel, with whom he learned her method and participated three and a half years as dancer in that aerial dance company. Other teachers that influenced his training with harness are: Leonardo Haedo, Ana Armas and Cristina Txiouras. He has 15 years of experience teaching regular and intensive courses of contemporary dance and aerial dance with harness. In 2015 creates Vuela Danza Aérea, the 1st school of aerial dance with harness in Madrid, and the only one in Spain, dedicated to the integral training in this specific technique.

Alejandra Pérez Izquierdo

Licensed in Psychology of Education (UAM). Formed in contemporary dance, classic dance and Jazz in Madrid.  Trained as aerial dancer with harness in Vuela Danza Aérea and as instructor of Pilates Suelo (FEDA) AND Pilates studio (FEPS). In 2013 initiates as a teacher with workshops on therapy dance with PCI, contemporary dance and of social values and human rights through dance until now. In 2016 started giving classes at Vuela Danza Aérea and continued her training with vertical dance for teachers, Wanda Moretti method in Il Posto (Venice, Italy) and with Magalie Lanriot ( Lisbon University, Portugal). At the same time Alejandra performed at different shows of Aerial dance with harness. (Beta Pública, Mad Cool Festival, La Muralla en Danza, Kalerki Festival, Veranos de la Villa 2020,etc.). At present, works as pilates instructor, dancer, performer and choreographer.  She is part of Nueveochenta Aerial Dance Company and Ad Astra Aerial Dance Compañny (France).

Sara Mohino Harris

Dancer of Contemporary Dance since her youth, at present she develops her activity in aerial dance with harness since 2008 , this was born from the combination of her two passions: dance and mountain escalade.Starts her training self taught and affirms it with different courses in companies as : Cia de Hecho and Vuela Danza Aérea. She gave courses of aerial dance with harness in the IFAC (International Festival of Art and Construction), in 2014, Burgos. Intensive courses in the nave RaRo12 (Cáceres). Receives the Certificate of Wanda Moretti Method for Vertical dance teaching (Venice, 2019). At present she works in Espacio que Vuela (Madrid),  training students.

Alejandra Deza Moreno

Trying to understand who her body is and get to know its language. Graduated in Visual Arts and Contemporary Dance. At present studies her Master in Art Therapy, ISEP, Madrid and the Master in Contemporary Circus,  UNIARTS-DOCH, Stockholm. Was part of the Teatro Físico company Iker Gómez.  Participated in other companies as La Fura dels Baus y La Glo Zirko. Interpreter in diverse shows of theatre and  Festivals as Mad Cool, Teatro Apolo (Madrid), La Muralla en Danza (Pamplona), Navidades del Circo Price (Madrid), Cirkus Mania (Estocolmo), Veranos de la Villa (Madrid), Bilboko Kalealdia (Bilbao). Was part of the V Laboratorio Internacional para la Creación, Divulgación e Investigación de la Danza Aérea de Panamá Aérea con Barbara Foulkes y Eleonora Dall’Asta. Her artistic development has continued to grow (and is in process) thanks to her work in different residences with a great variety of artists and companies: La Teatrería de Ábrego, Les Naves, Bandaloop, Kubbo, Full Radius Dance, Colectivo Lisarco-. Remains open to new experiences.

María Ruiz Castillo

Born in the coastal city of Cartagena, María is a contemporary dancer and illustrator. Graduated in Visual Arts and Dance with Mention in Acrobatic Dances and Circus Techniques. She is passionate about art and the acquisition of new knowledge. Her specialty is aerial dance and she works as such for the Aerial Dance Company NueveOchenta since 2018. Recipient of the Iberescena scholarship to participate in the V International Laboratory for the Creation, Disclosure and Research of Aerial Dance of Panama Aérea with Barbara Foulkes. Co-director of Sin Ombligo. Besides with Nueveochenta, she has trained with companies like Bandaloop, Kubbo and La Glo Zirko and she had participated in festivals like: “Una Mañana en Danza” in 2018, “La Muralla en Danza” in 2018 and 2019 and “Veranos de la Villa” in 2020.

Del Perera Vidal

Graduated in contemporary dance at Centro de Grado Profesional Àrtemis Dansa and deepened her training in Dansa Ramon Solé y en Area, Espai de Dansa i Creació where she received a scholarship.  Has been part as interpreter and creator in the international Project Barca: New Architectures of Memory and Identity at Simon Fraser University, Canadá.  Was part of the collective performance Emocions en moviment de Toni Mira, with Atanor Teatre Company and is cofounder of the company ARQ_DNZ9.9.

Formed in Aerial and vertical dance at Vuela Danza Aérea at Madrid, in the Wanda Moretti Method,Il Posto de Venecia and with Magalie Lanriot in Lisbon.  Performed in the video clip Nunca nadie pudo volar, de La Casa Azul and in  DES-pegados as part of the company C9.80 where at present she cooperates in the creative processes.


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