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DES-pegados (in situ)

This version was specially adapted on site: two columns and two balconies for 7 dancers with two cords.


Let's talk about the sense of belonging from different perspectives. The sense of belonging of a person to a place, the sense of belonging between persons and the one between objects and persons.

Detach from that place, that person, those objects can be force majeure or the need of removing something toxic from your shoulders. To leave a country, come out of a relationship or discard some clothes...This story deals with different characters and the path they go through until finally they are detached.

Idea and choreography: Juan Leiba

Interpreters: Alejandra Pérez Izquierdo, Sara Mohíno Harris, Alejandra Deza Moreno, María Ruiz Castillo, María del Mar Perera Vidal, Raquel Salamanca Santaella and Juan Leiba.

Technical Assistance: Sara Mohíno Harris and Juan Leiba

Producción: Vuela Danza Aérea y Espacio que Vuela

Original Music: Züruck

Costumes: Juan Leiba

Length: 12 minutes