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DES-pegados (duet)

This play addresses the sense of belonging from three different points of view. The sense of belonging to a place, an object and to another person.

Through abstract projections and on occasions, psychedelic, two dancers display their movements with enormous plasticity. 

This final version was performed for the first time at Festival La Muralla en Danza in 2018, in a double program named InVoLuTioN.


  • Idea, direction and choreography: Juan Leiba
  • Interpreters: María Ruíz and Juan Leiba.
  • Technical Security: Compañía La Glo Zirko
  • Original Music: Züruck
  • Projections and Costumes: Juan Leiba
  • Additional Music: Dr. Didg
  • Length 15 min



Released at the Festival La Muralla en Danza. 1 performance in august 2018.