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“Santiago’s rain is different and beyond comparison. It springs up from the pavement and produces the impression that is coming out from the land, from the roots of the people…” José Carlos Fdez Otero.

They say that “in Santiago, the rain is art”, because it soaks those who pass by and refreshes the weary pilgrims of the Way of St. James.

“This choreographic solo is inspired in the image that came to my mind while I went for a walk around Santiago de Compostela and a friend of mine shared this particular view they have about the rain in that city”. Juan Leiba.

Idea, choreography and Interpretation: Juan Leiba

Choreography Assistant: Alejandra Pérez Izquierdo

Security Technic: Edwin Lesieur

Technical Assistants: Alejandra Pérez Izquierdo - María Ruiz

Technical Support: Vuela Danza Aérea y Espacio que Vuela

Music: Emmanuel Santarromana & Orfeo - Opera 

Costumes: Juan Leiba

Production: Nueveochenta Aerial Dance Company

Length: 5 minutes



Premiere at UMD - Beta Pública. 11 performances on february 2019

MadCool - 6 shows in june 2019 

UMD - Beta Pública. 11 shows in february 2020



Fotos: La Torre Plaza Fotografías / Albirú Fotografías