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  • Solo, con ella y contra ella

    An 8 meters wide Dome holds a particular view with reference to interpersonal relations.

  • DES-pegados (duet)

    Vertical dance with mapping and a leap from minimalism to psychedelic.

  • Garúa

    Rain in Santiago is beyond comparison. They say that is art refreshing the pilgrims.

  • DES-pegados (in situ)

    A version adapted to a facade with columns and balconies. A piece that speaks on the sense of belonging.

  • SCEYCE (Theatre Version)

    A version immersed in a more dramatic atmosphere, “Solo con ella y contra ella”, in an adaptation for a theatre hall.

  • Ceiiinosssttuv

    The law of Elasticity hides in an anagram created by Robert Hooke.

  • TAYIR (work in progress)

    Immersive Show that addresses the topic of migration, created as co-production with Kubbo Company.

  • Price Circus, Christmas

    Two theatrical performances created for a show inspired in “A Christmas story” of Charles Dickens.

  • IRON

    Video Clip created as a result of different micro scenes. A journey of the senses.