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TAYIR (co-production)

Tayir is an immersive show about migrations in which the public reflects on the concept of migration by means of aerial dance, percussion and video-mapping and after that, has the possibility to take action with the “call to actions” ready to connect them with social innovators (from merchandising to audiovisual| production, the making of, etc, that will be done by organizations of migrant people).


Idea - Production - Co-production: Kubbo Company and Nueveochenta Aerial Dance Company

Executive Direction: Kike Labián

Artistic Direction: Juan Leiba - Pablo López - Palmira Cardo

Musical Direction: Palmira Cardo

Aerial Dance choreographies: Juan Leiba

Interpreters: Alejandra Pérez - Sara Mohíno - Alejandra Deza - María Ruiz - Juan Leiba - Palmira Cardo - Daniela Gordín - Pablo López - Melisa Fucci

Sound technician Jose Estarlich

Costume designer / Scenography / Security Technician and Rigging / Video projection / Multimedia / Lights design: to be confirmed.

Fotos: Tatú una imagen