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Sólo con ella y contra ella

How do the physics laws affect our personal relations? We speak about a curious connection between the laws of Newton and our interpersonal relations.

This piece of contemporary aerial dance, expects to introduce us in these laws, but, with no need of holding a calculator in our hands to understand it.

Newton Laws of movement are principles from which a great part of the problems related to the movement of the bodies are explained and we will see how the interpreters suspended in a cord,  move and relate under these principles.

In addition the intervention of a  very special stage set, a geodesic dome of 8 meters in diameter, which refers us to the universe, because the universe is also made of proportions and precise patterns, where all and all are connected.

The human relations that move under the influence of these laws: the law of inertia, the law of action and reaction and the relation between force and acceleration. 


Idea, management and choreography: Juan Leiba

Choreography assistant: Alejandra Pérez Izquierdo

Interpreters: Alejandra Pérez Izquierdo, Sara Mohíno Harris, Alejandra Deza Moreno, María Ruiz Castillo y Juan Leiba.

Technical Security: Quim Torner Trives

Technical Support: Vuela Danza Aérea y Espacio que Vuela

Original Music: Jorge Grela

Costumes designer: Sol Curiel

Production: Nueveochenta Aerial Dance Company

Length: 55 minutes.



Premiere at the Festival Veranos de la Villa. 2 performances, august  2020.


Photos: Luckasz Michalak